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Amazon Nature Tours

Amazon Nature Tours

Our Amazon cruises are the most thoughtful, interesting and authentic explorations of the Amazon rainforest. With 25 years of cruise operations we are able to offer explorations that are comfortable, authentic, and superior to other cruises. When travelers explore with us, they are able to experience the very best that the Amazon has to offer. Our cruises have all the essential elements of an excellent program:

1) Comfortable accommodations
2) Small groups
3) Skilled guides
4) Thoughtful itinerary
5) Exploration of some of the most pristine rainforest in the Amazon.

As we enter our second decade of deep forest exploration, we will continue to voyage in the remote Amazon rainforest seeking out the wonders of nature. Join us in exploring the last great wilderness on Earth.


Our meals are not gourmet nor are they fine dining. But we have a very elaborate meal service and our cooks make the very best out of the wonderful fruits, fishes and flavors unique to the Amazon. Our meals are wholesome, filling and delicious. Our cooks rise before dawn to make a large breakfast and there is always a tantalizing scent coming out of the Galley.