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A cruise to the Galapagos Islands is a once in a lifetime experience. You want to be sure you are traveling with a responsible Galapagos cruise company with high-quality vessels and top-level guides. And, these days, good value does not hurt either. Family owned since 1990, Ecoventura offers all that and more. As a leader in sustainable travel to the Galapagos Islands, we are the first company to earn and maintain the ecological certification, SmartVoyager since 2000, the first Galapagos cruise ship company to offset carbon emissions and to install alternative energy sources.

Ecoventura operates a fleet of four expedition vessels in the Galapagos Islands cruises catering to active adults and families; the Eric, Flamingo & Letty, superior first-class 20-passenger motor yachts, with departures every Sunday on comprehensive 7-night itineraries including the outer, most spectacular islands in the archipelago. Small guide-to-passenger ratios (one expert guide for every ten passengers) ensure highly personalized service and intimate visits on shore.

Experience moment after moment of wonder in a land where time stands still. Our comprehensive 7-night cruises explore the entire archipelago. And thanks to an outstanding guide-to-guest ratio, you’ll venture ashore in small groups of no more than ten fellow explorers, experiencing this magical realm in the most authentic and educational way possible.

We offer all kinds of active exploration. Go on a nature walk and marvel at pre-historic land iguanas and lava lizards. Slip into a sea kayak and discover hidden tide pools, mangrove forests, beaches of red, green and black sand and the hardened lava fields smeared into the edges of the shores. Swim back and forth across the equator with sea lions that perform an underwater ballet. Go birding to look for the Nazca booby. Or put on your own mask and enter the delicate balance of life underwater, watching schools of graceful spotted eagle rays gliding beneath you.

Exploring the undersea is a major part of the Galapagos experience where cold and warm waters intermingle and where fur sea lions, sea turtles, dolphins, whales and tame reef sharks thrive. We provide complimentary snorkeling equipment, wet suits and kayaks.

After dinner, attend a briefing by one of our naturalists. With so few guests, your guide can take the time to explore a topic that interests you personally.


The vessels each have a dining room that offers three daily meals.

Gratuities to guides and crew

Aboard our vessels, gratuities are not included. We prefer that our guests reward our crew based on their performance. Tipping is a personal matter and passengers are encouraged to tip an amount they find appropriate. For those passengers who inquire, we do suggest they follow international guidelines of US$175 for a 7-night cruise. Gratuities are divided among all crew members including the Captain and two naturalist guides.

Family Departures

Ecoventura welcomes families with children ages twelve and up on all expedition vessels throughout the year. Families with children ages seven and up can travel on one of our designated Family Departures, Family TEEN departures or Family GRADUATION departure. These trips are geared towards families who prefer to travel with other families with other similar aged children. Designated family departures are offered over school breaks in the US and feature age-appropriate activities depending on the ages and number of children on board. Our naturalists know how to bring these Islands they love to life and to balance learning with fun for the entire family.

Family departures are ideal for children ages 7 to 12
Kids can visit the bridge and learn about navigational charts and tie nautical knots with our Captain. Special parties include games with prizes, drawing contests, ice cream social sundaes and our King Neptune costume party and talent show. We also have board games, books and DVDs on board that are suitable for children. There are masks, fins, wet suits and life vests in child sizes available. A separate briefing geared toward the younger ones and kid-friendly menus are offered on family departures (in addition to the regular menu for adults:
Here is a sample:
Breakfast: hot chocolate, milk, apple juice, fruit loops, lucky charms, pancakes, fresh fruit, bagels with crème chese, muffins, Lunch: hot dogs, hamburgers, turkey or tuna sandwich, plain pastas, mac and cheese. Dinner: spaghetti with marinara sauce, chicken fingers, steaks, French fries or baked potato, vegetables. Desert: Ice crème, Jello, cakes. Snacks: pizzas, pop corn, pretzels, chips