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Round the World Cruise 2018

106 nights Auckland, New Zealand to Auckland, New Zealand from


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Cruise Around the World on Sea Princess.

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Princess Cruises

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Sea Princess


Cruise Itinerary
Date Activity Arrive Depart
01/06/18 Auckland, New Zealand 10:00PM
02/06/18 Bay of Islands, New Zealand 07:00AM 04:00PM
03/06/18 At sea - -
04/06/18 At sea - -
05/06/18 Sydney, NSW, Australia 07:00AM 04:00PM
06/06/18 At sea - -
07/06/18 Brisbane, QLD, Australia 07:00AM 05:00PM
08/06/18 At sea - -
09/06/18 At sea - -
10/06/18 At sea - -
11/06/18 At sea - -
12/06/18 At sea - -
13/06/18 At sea - -
14/06/18 Komodo Island, Indonesia 06:00AM 04:00PM
15/06/18 At sea - -
16/06/18 At sea - -
17/06/18 Singapore, Singapore 09:00AM 06:00PM
18/06/18 At sea - -
19/06/18 At sea - -
20/06/18 At sea - -
21/06/18 Colombo Sri Lanka 08:00AM 08:00PM
22/06/18 At sea - -
23/06/18 At sea - -
24/06/18 At sea - -
25/06/18 Muscat, Oman 09:00AM 05:00PM
26/06/18 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 12:00PM
27/06/18 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 11:00PM
28/06/18 At sea - -
29/06/18 At sea - -
30/06/18 At sea - -
01/07/18 At sea - -
02/07/18 At sea - -
03/07/18 At sea - -
04/07/18 Aqaba, Jordan 07:00AM 11:00PM
05/07/18 Suez Canal 05:00PM
06/07/18 Suez Canal 05:00PM
07/07/18 At sea - -
08/07/18 Cephalonia, Greece 12:00PM 10:00PM
09/07/18 Corfu, Greece 08:00AM 06:00PM
10/07/18 Kotor, Montenegro 08:00AM 06:00PM
11/07/18 Dubrovnik, Croatia 07:00AM 04:00PM
12/07/18 Ravenna, Italy 09:00AM 10:00PM
13/07/18 Venice, Italy 08:00AM
14/07/18 Venice, Italy 06:00PM
15/07/18 At sea - -
16/07/18 Messina, Sicily. IT 08:00AM 06:00PM
17/07/18 Salerno,Italy 08:00AM 06:00PM
18/07/18 At sea - -
19/07/18 Barcelona, Spain 07:00AM
20/07/18 Barcelona, Spain 02:00PM
21/07/18 At sea - -
22/07/18 Lisbon, Portugal 12:00PM 11:00PM
23/07/18 At sea - -
24/07/18 At sea - -
25/07/18 Southampton, England 07:00AM 11:00PM
26/07/18 At sea - -
27/07/18 Cobh (Cork), Ireland 07:00AM 10:00PM
28/07/18 At sea - -
29/07/18 At sea - -
30/07/18 Reykjavik, Iceland 09:00AM 11:00PM
31/07/18 At sea - -
01/08/18 At sea - -
02/08/18 Nanortalik, Greenland 07:00AM 06:00PM
03/08/18 Qaqortoq, Greenland 07:00AM 06:00PM
04/08/18 At sea - -
05/08/18 At sea - -
06/08/18 Corner Brook, New Foundland, Canada 08:00AM 06:00PM
07/08/18 At sea - -
08/08/18 Port Saguenay, Quebec - Canada 07:00AM 06:00PM
09/08/18 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada 07:00AM 11:00PM
10/08/18 At sea - -
11/08/18 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada 12:00PM 10:00PM
12/08/18 At sea - -
13/08/18 At sea - -
14/08/18 New York, USA 07:15AM
15/08/18 New York, USA 04:00PM
16/08/18 At sea - -
17/08/18 Charleston, South Carolina, USA 09:00AM 11:00PM
18/08/18 At sea - -
19/08/18 Miami 09:00AM 11:00PM
20/08/18 Key West, Florida, USA 09:00AM 11:00PM
21/08/18 At sea - -
22/08/18 At sea - -
23/08/18 Puerto Limon, Costa Rica 07:00AM 07:00PM
24/08/18 Panama Canal 06:00AM 04:30PM
25/08/18 At sea - -
26/08/18 Manta, Equador 05:00AM 07:00PM
27/08/18 At sea - -
28/08/18 Callao (Lima) Peru 12:00PM
29/08/18 Callao (Lima) Peru 06:00PM
30/08/18 At sea - -
31/08/18 At sea - -
01/09/18 At sea - -
02/09/18 At sea - -
03/09/18 Easter Island (Hanga Roa), Chile 08:00AM 07:00PM
04/09/18 At sea - -
05/09/18 At sea - -
06/09/18 Pitcairn (Adamstown), Pitcairn Islands 10:00AM 02:00PM
07/09/18 At sea - -
08/09/18 At sea - -
09/09/18 Papeete, Tahiti 08:00AM 11:00PM
10/09/18 Raiatea, French Polynesia 08:00AM 05:00PM
11/09/18 At sea - -
12/09/18 Date Line Crossing
13/09/18 At sea - -
14/09/18 At sea - -
15/09/18 At sea - -
16/09/18 Auckland, New Zealand 10:00AM
Itinerary may vary by sailing date and itineraries may be changed at the cruise lines discretion. Please check itinerary details at time of booking and before booking other travel services such as airline tickets.

Deal Includes

- 106 night cruise Auckland roundtrip aboard Sea Princess
- Main meals & entertainment onboard
- Government fees & port charges

HOT BONUS: AU$85 onboard credit per stateroom

(Flights are additional)


Cruise Overview

106 Night Round World Cruise sailing from Auckland roundtrip aboard Sea Princess.

There’s no better escort than Princess® to take you to the far corners of the earth. Prepare to be awed by legendary cities and hidden treasures on almost every continent.

Highlights of this cruise:

Straddling a narrow isthmus created by 60 different volcanoes, New Zealand's former capital boasts scenic beauty, historical interest and a cosmopolitan collection of shops, restaurants, museums, galleries and gardens. Rangitoto, Auckland's largest and youngest volcano, sits in majestic splendor just offshore. Mt. Eden and One Tree Hill, once home to Maori earthworks, overlook the city. One of New Zealand's fine wine districts lies to the north of Auckland.

Auckland served as New Zealand's capital from 1841 until 1865, when the seat of government moved to Wellington.

Bay of Islands
The Bay of Islands offers more than broad vistas of sea and sky, more than beaches, boating, and fabulous water sports. The Bay is the birthplace of modern New Zealand. Here the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, establishing British rule and granting the native inhabitants equal status. Rich in legend and mystery, the Bay of Islands has age-old ties to the Maori and to whalers, missionaries and New Zealand's early settlers.

The Bay of Islands has lured explorers for countless centuries. The Maori say that Kupe, the great Polynesian adventurer, came here in the 10th century. Captain Cook anchored offshore in 1769, followed by assorted brigands, traders, colonists and missionaries.

As your ship passes Harbour Heads, you are presented with the shimmering skyline of Sydney - hailed by many seafarers as "the most beautiful harbor in the world." Two prominent landmarks, Harbour Bridge and the sail-like curves of the Sydney Opera House, grace the backdrop of this picturesque harbor. There is a wealth of adventure waiting in Sydney - from its cosmopolitan city center to miles of beautiful beaches and the Blue Mountains.

Australia's oldest and largest city was born in 1788 with the arrival of the "First Fleet" transporting 760 British convicts. Today, Sydney is the largest port in the South Pacific and is often voted the most popular destination in the South Pacific.

As your ship passes Harbour Heads, you are presented with the shimmering skyline of Sydney - hailed by many seafarers as "the most beautiful harbor in the world." Two prominent landmarks, Harbour Bridge and the sail-like curves of the Sydney Opera House, grace the backdrop of this picturesque harbor. There is a wealth of adventure waiting in Sydney - from its cosmopolitan city center to miles of beautiful beaches and the Blue Mountains.

Australia's oldest and largest city was born in 1788 with the arrival of the "First Fleet" transporting 760 British convicts. Today, Sydney is the largest port in the South Pacific and is often voted the most popular destination in the South Pacific.

Komodo Island - Indonesia
Home to over 4000 komodo dragons, Komodo Island is a thriving national park. Cast your gaze upon the red, rusty hills, mangrove forests and coral reefs set to impress the most experienced divers+.

The commercial centre of South East Asia, Singapore is a lively mix of ethnicities, traditions and modern luxury. Shop up a storm, take in the sights and don’t forget to sample the famous Singapore chilli crab.

Sri Lanka conjures up the exotic and the mysterious. Once known as Ceylon, the island boasts a fantastic landscape that ranges from primeval rain forest to the bustling modern streets of Colombo, the capital. A visitor to Sri Lanka has a wealth of options. Relax on some of the world's finest beaches. Explore the temples, halls and palaces of the last Sinhalese kingdom at Kandy. Or take a guided tour of an elephant orphanage. Colombo also offers an array of charms, from the Royal Botanic Gardens, once a royal pleasure garden, to the Pettah Bazaar, where vendors hawk everything under the sun.

Colombo and Sri Lanka were shaped by Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and European influences. Colombo also serves as a gateway for Overland Adventures to India.

Muscat (Mina Qaboos), Oman
Oman’s capital, Muscat is a mix of old and new. Marvel at the sixteenth century Portuguese ports overlooking the harbour, or take in the fascinating traditional architecture interwoven with modern designs.

Dubai has always served as a bridge between East and West. In the past, Dubai's trade links stretched from Western Europe to Southeast Asia and China. The result was the creation of one of the most protean societies in the world. Nestled in the very heart of Islam, Dubai remains unique in its embrace of the West. Bedouin may still roam the desert, but Dubai also plays hosts to international tennis and golf tournaments. Tourists flock to its shores while the pace of development continues at a frenetic pace, from massive artificial islands to the astounding Burj Al Arab Hotel.

Dubai is actually two cities in one: the Khor Dubai, an inlet of the Persian Gulf, separates Deira, the old city, from Bur Dubai.

Aqaba (for Petra), Jordan
Explore the ancient world with an inspiring visit to the lost city of Petra, featured in films such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Venture into the surrounding desert to see Wadi Rum, ‘the valley of the moon’.

Suez Canal
A journey paved by many a merchant, take in the breathtaking desert views as you enjoy a scenic transit from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

Corfu, Greece
Perched in the Ionian Sea, Corfu boasts some of the finest scenery in the Mediterranean. Once ruled by the Romans, Venetians, English and French, Corfu’s Old Town is a mix of medieval fortresses and modern luxury.

Kotor lies at the head of Boka Bay. Bordered by towering limestone cliffs, the winding bay is actually Southern Europe's longest and most dramatic fjord. The port itself is a medieval gem: its narrow, asymmetrical streets are lined with ancient stone houses, old palaces, and churches dating from the 12th century. Kotor is also your gateway to the cultural and scenic wonders of Montenegro, from the old royal capital at Cetinje to the marshes and wildlife of Lake Skadar National Park.

Kotor is renowned for its nightlife: the streets of the old port are lined with pubs, taverns and cafés. The city is also host to a renowned summer carnival.

Rising from the waters of the Laguna Veneta, Venice has long - and rightly - been regarded as one of the world's most beautiful cities. Napoleon, who had an eye for acquisitions, once described St. Mark's Square as the finest drawing room in Europe. Certainly, no other site can quite match its superb campanile, Doge's Palace and recumbent lions. Just over two miles in length, the Grand Canal is lined with stunning buildings that reflect the city's unique heritage. Cruise through its winding canals on a gondola or watch the bronze Moors on the clock tower strike the passing hours as they have for 500 years - Venice is an unparalleled experience.

The city began life as a refuge from barbarian invasions. By the Crusades, Venice's dominion extended throughout the Adriatic and Mediterranean. The winged lion - symbol of St. Mark - flew over palaces and fortresses from Gibraltar to the Black Sea.

The 1992 Summer Olympics revealed to the world what Europeans and seasoned travelers already knew - Barcelona is one of the world's greatest treasures. Vibrant and earthy, commercial and cultural, this city of two million residents is the capital of Spain's autonomous region of Catalonia. Stroll along the wide, tree-lined promenades of Las Ramblas and marvel at the spires of Gaudi's Basilica La Sagrada Familia. Or visit the former Olympic Ring on the hill of Montjuic - also home to world-class parks, fountains and museums. Barcelona, which nurtured such artistic giants as Picasso, Dali, Miro and Casals, is definitely a traveler's paradise.

Lisbon, Portugal
Once the centre of a maritime empire that stretched from Africa to the East Indies, Lisbon is a city rich with history. Recognisable by its neoclassical architecture, Lisbon features the longest suspension bridge in Europe.

London (Southampton), UK
Southampton is your gateway to the English countryside, historical monuments and of course, London. Visit mysterious Stonehenge, explore the seaside or take a trip into London and see the famous sights.

Founded in the 7th century by St. Fin Barre, Cork is your gateway to romantic Ireland. Stroll down narrow country lanes or see the Lakes of Killarney. The intrepid visitor may scale the narrow passages of Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney Stone. The region around Cork is also home to one of the densest concentration of prehistoric monuments in Western Europe. And, in a land where fable and fact blend to become folklore, it was near Cork that the great Tuatha De Danaan, a race with magical powers, was driven underground by the conquering Celts.

Cobh was the single most important port of emigration from Ireland.

Iceland is a land of volcanoes and glaciers, lava fields and green pastures, boiling thermal springs and ice-cold rivers teeming with salmon. This unspoiled demi-paradise is also home to a very old and sophisticated culture. The northernmost capital in the world, Reykjavik was founded in 874 when Ingolfur Arnarson threw wood pillars into the sea, vowing to settle where the pillars washed ashore. Today, Iceland is an international center of commerce and home to one of the most technologically sophisticated societies in the world.

Reykjavik is the gateway to Iceland's natural wonders, which range from ice fields to thermal pools. The island is in a continual process of transformation much like its society, which blends Nordic tradition with sophisticated technology.

Qaqortoq, Greenland
Qaqortoq is a town that will surprise you. Nestled in southernmost Greenland, you’ll be immediately struck by the colourful houses peppered across green hills, and the Norse ruins located close by.

Quebec, Canada
A taste of France in North America, Québec is a timeless gem with an abundance of character, history and elegance. Explore the historic stone buildings of Old Québec, the only remaining walled city north of Mexico.

New York
A leading global city, New York exerts a powerful influence over worldwide commerce, finance, culture and fashion, and entertainment. The city consists of five boroughs and an intricate patchwork of neighborhoods. Some of these include Lower Manhattan and the New York Stock Exchange, Battery Park and South Street Seaport, Chinatown, trendy SoHo and Greenwich Village, along with Little Italy, the flat Iron District and Gramercy Park. Famous Central Park covers 843 acres of paths, ponds, lakes and green space within the asphalt jungle. Many districts and landmarks have become well-known to outsiders. Nearly 170 languages are spoken in the city and over 35% of its population was born outside the United States.

Charleston, USA
Escape to historic Charleston, where Southern charm’s a-plenty. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you navigate cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and antebellum architecture at every turn.

Miami, USA
Known as the ‘cruise capital of the world’, Miami is a sun-soaked, lively city with plenty to offer. Enjoy a stroll around the Cuban-influenced streets and buildings or kick back on famous South Beach.

In 1535, Francisco Pizarro labeled the open plains where Lima now stands as inhospitable. Despite the verdict of the great conquistador, Lima became the center of imperial Spanish power, a "City of Kings" where 40 viceroys would rule as the direct representatives of the King of Spain. With independence in 1821, Lima became Peru's capital. Near Lima, one of the world's most desolate deserts is home to the famed drawings of Nazca. These drawings inspired Erik von Daniken's best-selling book "Chariots of the Gods." With mysteries seeming to be part of Peru's history, perhaps these "drawings" are in fact "the largest astronomy book in the world."

Easter Island
The monoliths of Easter Island have fascinated and puzzled Westerners since the Dutch seaman Roggeven made landfall there on Easter Sunday, 1722. The mystery of Easter Island's first settlers remains just that - a mystery. Today, most anthropologists believe the island was settled as part of the great wave of Polynesian emigration. (The oldest of the Moai, as the great monoliths are called, date to 700 A.D.) The society that produced the Moai flourished during the 16th and 17th centuries, but population growth, deforestation and food shortages led to its collapse. Today some 3,400 souls inhabit this 64-square-mile island, which lies some 2,200 miles equidistant from Tahiti and South America.

The society of Rapa Nui possessed stone-working skills on a par with those found in the Inca Empire. Islanders also possessed a script called Rongorongo, the only written language in all of Oceania.

Pitcairn Island
Lying below the tropic of Capricorn, halfway between New Zealand and the Americas, lonely Pitcairn Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world. It was here that Fletcher Christian and eight of the mutineers of the HMS Bounty, along with their Tahitian companions, came in search of a new life. Set aflame and sunk by the infamous mutineers, parts of the legendary HMS Bounty shipwreck are still visible in the waters of Bounty Bay.

Today, one of the island's most famous residents is its sole surviving Galapagos Giant Tortoise, named Turpen, who was introduced to Pitcairn sometime between 1937 and 1951. Several species of seabirds also nest here, including the flightless Henderson Crake, Fairy Terns, the Common Noddy, the Red-tailed Tropic Bird and the Pitcairn Island Warbler.

Tahiti (Papeete)
Immortalised in the novel, Mutiny on the Bounty, Tahiti is an idyllic blend of Polynesian “joie de vivre” and Gallic sophistication. Paradise at its best, you can uncover black-sand beaches, cascading waterfalls, two extinct
volcanoes and charming villages.

Raiatea, French Polynesia
Paradise awaits in Raiatea. Unwind on the impossibly white sand, take a dip in the crystal clear ocean or wander the island and uncover traditional Polynesian relics.

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Fares are cruise only, per person, in NZD, in complete twin accommodation based on the lead category for each stateroom type, inclusive of all discounts, taxes, fees and port expenses (which are subject to change). Supplements apply for other stateroom categories. Fares based on specific departure dates only. Higher fares may apply to other departure dates listed. Offer ends 30 April 2018 unless sold out prior. Princess Cruises has set aside a reasonable number of staterooms which are available at these fares. Once these staterooms are sold, fares may revert to a higher fare, but may also be discounted. Valid for new bookings and not combinable with any other offer. All offers are subject to availability. Some oceanview staterooms have obstructed views. Onboard credit is per stateroom as marked on selected itineraries within this publication only and is applied to the first 2 passengers in a stateroom. Onboard credit offer does not apply to cruises 4 nights or less. Onboard credit is not transferable, non-refundable, not redeemable for cash and cannot be used at the medical centre or casino. For more information please contact your House of Travel Agent. HOT Code: crs0318-princess

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